The Option Pit Gold Level Course

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The Option Pit Gold Level Course
Price: $1500
You Just Pay: $129
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The Option Pit Gold Level Course
Price: $1500
You Just Pay: $129
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The Gold Course was designed by two previous floor traders, and created with each of their personal training and experience in mind.  It has been set up in a format much like a college course. It is by far the most in depth course out there at a fraction of the cost of other programs.
The Gold Course is also taught by two educators who, most importantly, consider themselves traders first.

With this background they are able to teach students the work necessary to read the market and not shortcuts or tricks. Students can check their own progress after each section test and ask the teachers for help during the Study Hall, Gold Lab, or via email.  This course takes traders in one of the largest steps of their education from beginner trader to condition sensitive trader with a complete background.

What You Will Receive:
Streaming Education- The entire Gold Course is streaming. The course is separated into 12 weekly modules and broken down into 4-9 minute units. To move on to the next module, trainees have to complete a multiple choice test and score at least a 70%. Unlike a live webinar, you can watch each module as many times as needed to understand each concept fully.
Live Trading Lab- Once a week, mid-day on Thursdays you will have a lab in which you learn how to put the theories into practice.  It will explore your education in relation to the current market and historical market situations.  This will also be recorded and put on the site.
Live Open Mic- Included is a regularly scheduled, 45 minute Open Mic.  In this time, you can stop in and ask questions or remain to listen to other student’s questions.  This too will be recorded and placed on the site for your review.
Option Pit Live- Our Option Pit Live session is our daily Midday market condition report with trade selection and position management as the covered material.  This is the opportunity for trainees to ask questions during market hours.  Depending on conditions, we try to cover one trade concept per session.  Option Pit tracks all the trades we look at, plus any adjustments in our Strategy Letter (SL) which is included in Option Pit live.  This is recorded and posted daily.

Topics Covered are:
1.The Pricing Model-The beginning level for the Gold Course reveals the Option Pricing model and the 5 factors and assumptions that make options move. This is the essential “Pre Greeks” level
2.Volatility-Understanding market volatility is a core principal at Option Pit. The major volatility factors and indicators that drive trading decisions are laid out in detail.
3.Greeks-The Greeks are a tool to help understand the movement of option prices and are essential to the basics of position management. We start by covering Delta, Gamma and Rho. The 2nd part of the Greeks course focuses on the Gamma/Theta relationship and Vega. These Greeks are applied to market conditions to help predict option movement and advanced trade structure.
4.Volatility Revisited-This is the first applied volatility workshop where students see how the market uses volatility, term structure and skew. Students will learn how to read different market conditions.
5.Directional Trading-Directional Trading is the fully applied knowledge of the Greeks and Volatility for best case trade selection to keep decisions on the right side of the market.
6.Condors-Learn volatility trading through the Condor strategy. The good, bad and ugly setups so students will understand the difference between a green light and a red light opportunity.
7.Butterflies-Learn volatility and direction trading through the Butterfly strategy. This is where you learn what makes a good option butterfly and a bad one.
8.Calendars-The next phase of trading volatility is combining the Greeks with the time component of the term structure in Calendar (Time Spread) trading. This brings all the expiration cycles into the band of opportunity.
9.Trading Volatility-Option Trading moves away from the distinction between calls and puts and looks at Option Volatility as a strategic asset. Students look at trading volatility and harness mean reversion for long and short gamma trades.
10.VIX-Understanding how the VIX works is a core competency at Option Pit. The VIX product, VIX futures and VIX ETN’s, structure and strategies are covered in the depth.
11.Expiration trading and Owning Premium-This is the advanced volatility teaching session that takes option trading to the next level of understanding. Learn to manage a position by focusing just on the Greeks.
12.Portfolio Management-Learn to manage an option portfolio (your “Book”) by combining the Greek risk and capital allocation in the most efficient manner to maintain and keep a “balanced” book.


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