Mindvalley Academy [Gina DeVee] – Live & Luxurious Course

$495.00 $67.00

Mindvalley Academy [Gina DeVee] – Live & Luxurious Course
Price:  $495
You Just Pay:  $67
Page Sale: _
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: email_[email protected] Or Skype_Macbus87


Mindvalley Academy [Gina DeVee] – Live & Luxurious Course
Price:  $495
You Just Pay:  $67
Page Sale: _
Contact me for the proof and payment detail: email_[email protected] Or Skype_Macbus87

To the woman transformational coach who feels frustrated and stuck in her business…
Discover how you can earn a 6-figure income while creating a greater impact in people’s lives, simply by creating and selling high-end programs that your dream clients LOVE
When it comes to earning money, too many women transformational coaches think small.
Join Gina DeVee, an internationally known life & success coach and founder
of the Academy, as she teaches you everything you need to know to create
and sell high-end programs, charge what you’re worth for your services,
create a greater impact for your clients, and enjoy the freedom you deserve.

What you’ll get in the 6-module Live & Luxurious: Create & Fill your High-End Coaching Packages & 1-Day Intensives
Module 1: Why Clients Desire High-End Coaching Packages
Why High-End Clients Desire High-End Coaching Packages
Knowing What the Benefits are of Working with You
The Psychology and Benefits of Offering High-End Coaching Packages
How to Be the Expert & Set Healthy Boundaries
Business Basics of Coaching You Must Know

Module 2: Hosting One-day Private Intensives
The Purpose and Benefits of One-day Intensives
How to Price your Intensives
Gina DeVee’s Learning Process with Pricing Intensives
How Gina DeVee Go Started Hosting One-day Intensives
How to Find Intensive Clients
When & How to Handle Payments
Specific Welcome Packets and Contracts for Intensives
Where to Hold Intensives & How to Structure the Day

Module 3: Creating High-End Programs that Sell
How to Structure 90-Day & 6-Month Coaching Packages
Creating Lucrative Group Programs & Retreats
The Application Process Necessary to Attract High-End Clients
How to Get Clients and Sell Your Packages
The Class Agreement Document

Module 4: Marketing to Attract High-End Clients
The Sales Page that Makes Your Offer Clear & Compelling
The Newsletter that Builds Rapport with Prospective Clients
Solo Mailers that have Clients Running for Their Credit Cards
Word of Mouth Networking
The 30-second Pitch
Private Phone Conversations & Discovery Sessions that Enroll Clients
Joint Ventures and Affiliate Programs that Get the Word Out About You
How to Not Be Desperate
Ideal Client Vs . Nightmare Client

Module: 5: How to Sell Without Sounding “Salesy or Pushy”
Discovery Sessions that Are in Service to The Client
List of Potential Questions to Ask Prospects
Role Playing that Increases your Clarity
Analyzing What the Prospect is Really Saying
Facilitating the Sale with Confidence
Overcoming the Top 35 Objections
20 Ways to Help Clients Find the Money to Work With You
Communicate the Value of Your Offer
Asking for the Sale
Facilitating the Sale

Module 6: Bringing All Your Coaching Packages Together
Q & A Recording of Coaches Asking Their Top Questions with Gina DeVee
Finalizing your Packages and Price Points
Celebrating Being a Top Premier Coach


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