Mike Cerrone – Agent Success Summit 2016 VIP UPGRADE PACKAGE [Real Estate]

$97.00 $37.00

Mike Cerrone – Agent Success Summit 2016 VIP UPGRADE PACKAGE [Real Estate]
Price:  $97
You Just Pay: $37   
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Contact Me: [email protected] Or Skype_Macbus87


Mike Cerrone – Agent Success Summit 2016 VIP UPGRADE PACKAGE [Real Estate] Price:  $97
You Just Pay: $37   
[url=]SalesPage (more info)[/url] Contact Me: [email protected] Or Skype_Macbus87

Congratulations! You have successfully signed up for the “Agent Success Summit” 7-Day Online Training Event
More Leads!  More Clients!  More Closings!
You have made a fantastic decision to join us for this powerful online training event. Chances are good that a big reason you became a real estate agent in the first place was so that you could enjoy your FREEDOM while STILL making a BIG difference in people’s lives. This online training is chock full of secrets, strategies, and tactics that are crucial to help you easily add more leads, more clients, and more closings.
The schedule, call-in details, and other important information is heading to your inbox as we speak (so make sure you whitelist Support (at), but in the meantime, I have more to share.

Here’s how to participate…
WHEN: 7 value-packed days … July 7th – 13th . Each day 3 new “open” sessions are posted and made available for 24 hours (from 12 midnight to 12 midnight eastern time). You can listen to each 45 minute session anytime during the day. Mark your calendars now! (See the schedule below.)
HOW: You can tune in FREE each day to hear the “open” sessions ON THIS PAGE in the speaker boxes below.
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ACCESS LINK: You will receive an email each day with access information including a link to this event page.
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Mike, tell me more…

Session 1:
Strongest Listing Process Available And 10 Ways To Get More Listing Appointments

Session 2:
The Power of Converting Leads Into Dollars … ADDED Bonus: Effectively Using ISA’s

Session 3:
Questions That Turn Prospects Into Clients

Session 4:
Listings By The Dozen

Session 5:
How To Succeed At Real Estate And Win At Life

Session 6:
How this Realtor … and Dozens of Others … Parties His Way to 100s of Referrals … For Free!

Session 7:
Building a Family Team – Challenges and Rewards

Session 8:
Why Misunderstanding How the Real Estate Business Really Works is Killing The Dreams of The Entrepreneurial Agent

Session 9:
3 Secrets To Scoring Listings In An Inventory-Deprived Market

Session 10:
Are Open Houses For You or the Seller? Maximizing Open Houses

Session 11:
Stop Selling Yourself: The 4 Step System To Attract Your Ideal Client At Will

Session 12:
Finding Leverage: The Fool-Proof 10 Step Process For Hiring

Session 13:
Income Acceleration Formula

Session 14:
The Rise of Expansion Teams

Session 15:
Fast Track To 6 Figures: The Habits and Systems Of The Top 1%

Session 16:
How To Make A Million Dollars Per Year Selling Real Estate
Session 17:
How To Build A Dominant Real Estate Team: C.L.A.P.S. Culture, Leads, Accountability, Processes, and Strategies

Session 18:
Maximizing Your Time And Energy So You Are Working With The People Who Are The Highest And Best Use Of Your Time

Session 19:
6 Steps To Winning Every Listing!

Session 20:
High-Tech/High-Touch Prospecting: How To Blend Old School Salesmanship With New Tech Tools To Attract New Clients

Session 21:
The Importance Of Building Wealth And Passive Income While Building A Great Business In Real Estate


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