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The proven, easy to follow process for building and launching your own signature online course, so you can go from concept, to course, to cash.

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The proven, easy to follow process for building and launching your own signature online course, so you can go from concept, to course, to cash.

You have a unique gift to share, a skill to teach, knowledge to impart, and experience to guide others on – your signature course is how you’ll turn that knowledge, skill, or experience into an income and an impact.
You know you want to create an online course – you already know it’s the best way to turn the skills, knowledge, and experience into profits and expert status, and a high leveraged business model.
You might even have a course idea in your head, just waiting to make it out into the world.

What you don’t know is…
How long should my course be? And how do I price it?
How exactly do I create the course – videos, PDFs, slides? It all sounds like a lot to figure out!
How do I set up a sales page and a site to host and protect my content?
How can I build my audience before my course launch so that I’m launching to a list of raving, salivating fans?
How do I package and position my course (the tricky stuff)?
How do I launch (so many moving parts) in a way that sets my audience on fire?

There are 8 Core Modules, plus bonus modules and more, in the proven step by step system for creating and launching your signature course.
A “signature” course is a hugely valuable, well-positioned course that you can launch again and again. Your signature course establishes YOU as the expert in your industry. In this step by step program, you will learn exactly how to build and launch your own signature course.

Foundation Module
Course Welcome (tour, goals, overview)
Teacher profile exercise
Course “math”: an inside look at a six figure course business
Course Ethics
Course Prep! Get organized with my 5 course creation must-haves
Creating a course budget and an overview of the equipment and software you will be using to create and launch your course

Module 1: Course Planning
Brainstorm and choose your profitable course idea using our proven system
Creating your ideal student profile (so you can craft magnetic copy)
How to use my favorite project management tool to plan your course creation and launch from start to finish (complete video walkthrough and template you can steal)
How to outline your course content using a lesson plan that works (including how long to make your modules, lessons, and what material to include)
Name, hook, and headline: the three-part formula for a perfect course title and hook.
Goal setting and revenue planning
3 ways to validate your course idea (so you know it will be profitable)

Module 2: Branding, Packaging, Positioning, Pricing
How to brand your course and course site (photography, fonts, colors)
How to position your course and why this is so important
How to calculate the perfect price for your course (hint: you can charge more than you think you can).
Payment plans, pricing tiers, and packages explained
Sales Pages masterclass: everything you need to know about structure, the anatomy of a sales page, and the 5 must-have elements of a high-converting sales page
Sales Pages tech training: How to create amazing sales pages with our favorite platforms
Special Bonus Sales Page and Copy Training with Halley Gray of Evolve & Succeed

Module 3: Pre-Launch List Building
How to figure out how many people you need on your list in order to launch, and how to get there as quickly as possible using 3 highly leveraged strategies over 30 days
The “Option B” to list-building if you’re ready to launch, and don’t want to do the pre-launch list-building (this is how I made $10k on my first ever launch with less than 50 people on my list!)
Landing pages and opt-ins: How to create a lead magnet for your course that builds your pre-launch list by itself.
Exactly what your free lead magnet needs to include (this is essential – it’s not just whatever content you want to put together)
How to grow your pre-launch list with a series of strategic guest posts, webinars, and promotions (we go into step by step detail of every single one of these strategies, and how to use them together in a cohesive action plan).
10 places to submit and promote your freebie to get that initial burst of traffic to your landing page

Module 4: Creating your Course
How to create course slides that your students will love
How to record professional, confident course videos without high-end equipment (my own DIY course set up)
Tech training on how to create, record, and edit your videos (super simple!)
How to create your course workbooks, PDFs, and checklists and other materials for your course
4 things to do before you record your course videos
Setting up your course community in Slack and automating the onboarding
*You do not NEED to create videos for your course – you can create text lessons with audios, technical trainings, etc – it’s up to you. You don’t need to show your face on videos, just a slide show presentation.

Module 5: Pre-selling and Pre-Launch
How to get paid to create your content
Why pre-selling is essential and why I don’t make courses before I’ve made sales
The 3 absolutely essential things you need to have in order to pre-sell
The 3 small tweaks your pre-selling sales page needs to include
How to build up your pre-launch hype 30 days before your launch (3 strategies)

Module 6: How to Set up Your Professional Course Site (No Tech Knowledge Required)
The platform I use to create professional course sites on any platform (doesn’t matter what blog you use) plus a $300 credit towards this software.
How to set up your “school” and your course – and what the difference is
How to avoid the biggest mistakes when choosing a course platform (don’t do what I did!)
How to set up your lessons, import your videos, structure your course content, and more

Module 7: Affiliates and Joint Ventures
Everything you need to know about partnering with affiliates and doing joint ventures for your course launch
What percentages to pay out, how to manage an affiliate launch, and how to give the affiliates their materials
The 5 things you need to give each affiliate so that they can successfully promote you
The one thing EVERYONE gets wrong about affiliate launches and joint ventures and how to not be “that guy”.
Exactly how to find, approach, and pitch your affiliates
How affiliates helped me go from $0 to $10k in 5 days with no list, and continue to refer an additional 6-figures in sales every year outside of my own list!

Module 8: Launching LIKE A PRO
Introduction to launching: 3 types of launches, the pros and cons, and launch planning like a pro (so you can stay sane and organized)
Day by day guide and calendar so you know exactly what to do on each day during your launch (when to send emails, when to post a blog post, when to open and close your launch, every single detail).
The three parts of your launch and how to orchestrate the three phases like a boss
How to optimize your site during launch: the 5 tweaks you must make to your site during your launch
How to budget for your launch (where to spend money and where to go DIY)
How to launch with webinars (this is a unique webinar strategy that is specific to launching your signature course)
The exact email sequence that has been proven and tested in more than 30 launches, that you can adapt into any course topic and industry, and is proven to convert at up to 10x the industry standard
4 types of urgency for your launch – and which one you should use
The 0-10 Bonus strategy that increases your sales and conversions
Your complete plug and play social media strategy for your launch (and how to automate this entire thing)

BONUS MODULE: Module 9: Refunds, Reflections, and Revenue
How to deal with your refunds, policies, and discounts (all the touchy stuff)
Why I love refunds and how to use them to make MORE money (yes really)
Looking at your stats and reflecting on your launch
The 4 things you must do after your course launch (no, launching is not “the end!”) in order to improve your course and amplify your profit
How to gauge your market and avoid this mistake I made that cost me $50k
How to manage your course community effectively
How to turn students into affiliates and double your next launch
The answer to the “What now?” question after you launch

Plus FIVE bonuses worth more than $2479
Bonus #1: 3 free months of Teachable Pro Plan ($300 value)
This bonus is absolutely insane. You get 3 free months of the Teachable Pro Plan so you can actually make your sales page and launch your course with no extra cost (and by the time you have to start paying after the three months free, you’ll already be profitable!).
Teachable PRO includes:
Sales pages
Affiliate program for your course
Concierge Onboarding
Fully White-labeled pages and course site
Author Accounts (for easy to use profit sharing)
Advanced Reporting
Third party Integrations
Custom Domain
This is the only platform I’ll use for my courses – for a million reasons – and our trainings are all specific to using Teachable to set up your courses.

Bonus #2: Fuck Yeah Funnels Sales Funnel Sequence Course ($97 VALUE)
This is the perfect complement to Launch Your Signature Course.™ I show you exactly how I turned my sales and subscriber acquisition on autopilot, in a funnel that brings in more than $1k a day.
Masterclass video training on the STRATEGY behind the sales funnel sequence, including which exact emails you need to mention your product in, when to pitch, what to say, and how to effectively educate and introduce your audience to your product or service.
Full breakdowns of four types of popular funnels, which one is my favorite, and how to choose the best one for your course.
Tech training on setting up all of the backend stuff in both LeadPages & MailChimp. My tech walkthroughs are famous for being SUPER clear and easy to follow along.
Your Funnel Planning Workbook and worksheets to help you plan the most profitable, effective funnel for your business!
Learn the 4 types of funnels, your content categories, the sequence that is proven to convert, and more.

Bonus #3: Access to the LYSC™ Mastermind + 24/7 Group Chat ($397 value)
As a Launch Your Signature Course™ member, you’ll have access to everyone else in the program (including myself and my team) via a live group chat that is open 24/7.
Get instant feedback on your ideas
Find your affiliates and your joint venture partners
Get all of your little tech questions answered
This is an exclusive VIP group for program members, and you have priority access to me and my personal team of experts and tech support within this group. You’ll be able to network and connect with everyone in the program – meaning incredible opportunities you won’t find anywhere else.

Bonus #4: The Pre-Sell Launch Formula Masterclass with Melyssa Griffin and Mariah Coz ($297 Value) – December
Both Melyssa Griffin (The Nectar Collective) and I have mastered the art of pre-selling our courses before they officially launch.
In this exclusive members-only workshop, we are teaming up to show you exactly how we both brought in $30k in the four weeks leading up to our first course launches, before we even had a product to sell.
This is highly valuable training with two experts who have cracked the code on the art and science of pre-selling your course to your audience, and getting paid to create your course.

Bonus #5: The Ultimate VA Kit: What and How to Outsource During Your Course Launch ($497 Value)
See behind the scenes of how I work with my team and virtual assistants during my course creation process and launch to pull off a smooth, profitable promo. This bonus is exclusive to Launch Your Signature Course™, and honestly one of my most requested programs.
You’ll learn:
Exactly what to outsource during your launch
How to delegate and decide on what to do yourself versus what to outsource, and my personal insights
How to be empowered to hire a VA or use yours to their fullest potential during this critical time
Plus, you’ll see how I work in my Project Management system with my team to delegate tasks, stay organized with everyone’s to-do lists, and communicate effectively. There will be a video interview and class with me and my virtual assistant to give you a peek inside how we run our course-based company.
This includes the templates and forms we use in our own business and launches as well!


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