Ben Adkins – Fearless Leads

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Ben Adkins – Fearless Leads
Price: $499
You Just Pay: $67
Please let me know if you have any problem. Contact email: [email protected]


Ben Adkins – Fearless Leads
Price: $499
You Just Pay: $67
Please let me know if you have any problem. Contact email: [email protected]

Tired of Struggling to Get Your Offers in Front of The Right People Month after Month?
A Step by Step Immersion Course with One Goal in Mind:
Building a 5000 Person Targeted Email List in the Next 90 Days.
Read Below to See Exactly What You’ll Learn Inside.
What’s Inside of Fearless Leads?

Session 1:
Using Empathy to Become Insanely Attractive to Any Audience.
Most people who are trying to build an email list fail miserably because they really don’t dig deep into the problems that their audience is actually facing. I’ll walk you through the process of finding that out and show you an example or two along the way.
Inside This Session you’ll Learn:
The Empathy Formula
I’m going to show you the 4 Step Formula that High Ticket Coaches and Top Tier Product Sellers use to Dig into who their potential customer REALLY IS. This one section will enable you to see deep inside your prospect’s minds so that you can craft the bait to get them to optin.
Finding and Taming  The “Alpha Buyer”.
I’m going to walk you through the real Secret to dominating a market and getting inside their head. The secret to selling online isn’t about guessing. It’s about having your ideal customer a phone call away. I’ll show you exactly how to do this.
The “Paint Past Mistakes” Trick
Once you get through the other sections of this training you’ll have a good idea about the problems you need to solve and how to use that information to create a very attractive optin bait. This section of the training will help you focus on the one thing that will push people over the edge when they think about joining your list or buying from you. This is Essential.

When you get through this short and powerful session you’ll have an inside view of your potential customer that you’ve never had before. Using this you’ll be ready for Session 2, where we’re going to build a “Canon” to get the Optin.

Part 2:
Fishing With a Canon
After Session 1, you’ll have the perfect insight on what you need to build in order to attract the most qualified leads for your list. In this session we’re going to focus on building a very special kind of digital giveaway that will attract your ideal buyer.
This Session is worth 5x the price of the entire Immersion Session because of how top notch and attractive this giveaway will be.
Inside This Session you’ll Learn:
Building the Canon
The most important part of any lead building campaign is what you’re actually giving away. I’ll show you the secret to creating a massively valuable optin giveaway that will be either a 1 Page PDF or a 5-10 minute video.
Once you get through this section you’ll be able to create massively valuable giveaways on demand.
Optin Page Hacks
Once you have a great optin giveaway there are a ton of cool things that you can do to your optin page that make it more likely you’ll get their email address. I’ll walk you through them so you can implement them right away.

WARNING: These make your optin page a Lead Generation Machine.
Thank You Page Hacks
Most people quit working hard once they have an optin, but if you put in a bit more effort, you’ll see just how valuable a well setup “Thank You Page” can be to your bottom line. I’ll walk you through several tweaks that you can implement that instantly turn your thank you page into a subtle and non pushy sales machine.
Optin Integration Value Boosting
Want to get 5x the value from every customer that opts into your list? I’ll show you the simple tweaks (that you can perform in 5-10 minutes) that will make every optin you get work harder for you and your business.

When you finish Session 2 you’ll have a fully functioning optin giveaway and the pages that go with it. These assets will set you up for the ultimate first sale with your new subscriber.

Part 3:
Leads From the Hive (Online Niches)
At This Point, You’re Ready…
The Next Step is all about finding the right traffic to drive to your offer and getting them to your offer without breaking the bank. In this part of the immersion session we’ll talk about grabbing traffic for online niches.
Most importantly, you’ll learn traffic generation methods that don’t eat up a lot of your time when going through the lead generation process.
Inside This Session you’ll  Learn These Traffic Tactics:
Facebook Ad Layering
Forum Lead Pulling
Blog Lead Sniping
Facebook Page and Group Lead Gen
Solo Ad Purchasing and Scriptwriting
By the time you finish Session 3 you’ll have everything that you need to generate traffic to your optin pages. You’ll be able to do this with very little money invested and by able to do it all in about an hour a day.

Part 4:
Leads from the Hive (Local Businesses)
In Session 3 we talked about generating leads if you’re an Online Business. In this Session we’ll walk you through getting traffic if the only thing your prospects have in common is Geography.
Inside this Session You’ll Learn:
The Local Optin Segmenting Trick
The Community Calendar Optin Technique
The Emergency Number Optin Method
Coupon Optins Done Right
Local Facebook Ads Decoded
By the time you’re through with this part of the course you’ll have the exact road map to drive immediate traffic to your Local Businesses Optin Page to Start Getting Results.

Part 5:
The Fearless Leads Daily Roadmap
By the Time you Get to Session 5 you’re going to have everything you need to make sure that your prospects can’t ignore you and that you have the power to get in front of them in a big way.
None of that matters however, if you don’t have time to drive traffic on a daily basis. In this session you’ll see how to take everything that you just learned and systemize it so that you, or an outsourcer, can constantly “pull the levers” that you need to continue to grow your list past the 5000 person mark.
Inside This Session you’ll Learn:
The One Hour Traffic Plan
I’ll walk you through the step by step daily workflow so you can see how you can make everything you’ve learned in the course work in just an hour a day. You’ll be blown away how much you’ll be able to get done (and the result it yields) with this ultra efficient Lead Building Check List.
The Best Part is that it only takes an hour a day.
The Fearless Leads Team Training Guide
I’ll show you exactly what you need to give a staff or team member in order for them to do all the work for you. This takes the work out of your hands so you can focus on the big picture after you master this initially.
The Daily Metrics Guide
I’ll show you what you need to watch daily to make sure that you’re getting maximum results from the effort that you (or your team) is putting in.

By the time you’re through with this part of the course you’ll have the entire formula to create a completely sustainable lead generation plan that you can use to grow your list to 5000 subscribers in 90 days and beyond.


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